About Us

NSTAR Events Management Company is a bespoke Events planning and Management Company geared towards organizing and delivering excellent events focused on Career development, Business/Entrepreneurship, self-development and weddings.

The vision behind each event is to add value to each person in attendance regardless of the type of event, be it a wedding, an entrepreneurial event, self-development training or a career fair. We will also provide an online platform of resources and success tools that is aimed towards giving you valuable information to excel in these three areas- Career development, Business/Entrepreneurship and self-development.

NSTAR Events is one of the leading events management companies in Atlanta Georgia. We have spear-headed high-profile events/projects and also worked with different organizations including one with direct investments from the Royal Family of England.

NSTAR Events Management Company strongly believe in adding value to everyone who walks into an event organized by the NStar team. Why? Time is money and if you are going to trust us with your time, we are responsible for ensuring that whatever investment you have made with us, is multiplied in positive returns.

Through in and out of our events we also aim to impart valuable skills, provide invaluable information and opportunities through networks’ that will transcend to tangible results such as strategic business development, better career choices, stress-free events, empowering connections and net-worthy networks leading ultimately to an empowered community.